Farewell to Honest Ed’s

Honest Ed’s closed its doors for good, leaving an emotional gap, and with many wondering what the future holds for the landmark.

Before it’s demolished, a series of festivals were created. Here I am sharing with you the one event I attended–the festival’s signature exhibition, aMAZEment: Immersive Art Maze, which featured multi-disciplinary art exhibitions, interactive artworks, and special performances – including 2FIK (who examines cultural legacies as well as identity constructs), Clara Venice (pop musician who plays the Theremin), the fabulous Confidential Musical Theatre, and many more.

I Honestly enjoyed the spectacle of performances and art installations.

Here are a few exhibits the festival offered! I was glad to be part of this historical event.  That was it for Honest Ed’s!

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Absence and Presence: The Visual Work of Heather Graham

Heather Graham.2606Toronto based visual artist, Heather Graham began her career as still life painter, using fruit and life drawings as her subjects. Her work has since evolved into large-scale portraits painted using the technique of applying paint,and then removing it partly. Large household paintbrushes are used to eliminate fine surface details, creating a transient and ambiguous effect. These techniques diffuse the focus of the painting and, as a result, the subject can be viewed as lost in a grey visual stillness, or emerging from it. Taking a closer look at her work, her canvas dissolves into abstraction—from presence to absence—in order to implicate the viewer. Graham encourages the viewer to fill in the context of the abstraction. Graham is interested in investigating the temporality of human condition. Take a look! Continue reading Absence and Presence: The Visual Work of Heather Graham

When I Think of Casinos…

When I think of casinos, at first, I think of James Bond in the casino, beating out the bad guys in a game of poker. Then I think about the opportunity it might give artists, providing a way to make a living performing and providing entertainment. As of right now, these are the only advantages that quickly come to mind.

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