Glass Artist and Sculptor–Tommy James Cudmore

Tommy CudmoreCoolRobos started his professional artistic career at 17 using acrylic, a clear plastic material that shares certain attributes with glass. Eventually realizing acrylic has limitations which glass does not, he applied to Sheridan College for Glassblowing. After his first year at Sheridan he acquired a residency at “The Red Barns” glass studio in Picton, Ontario. There he discovered his love of teaching the material to newcomers. Following his second year of education at Sheridan Tommy moved to Campbell River, British Columbia to work at “Tideline Gallery” as a lampworker and furnace blower. There he gained a new appreciation for technique, the material, and the studio environment. His organized and meticulous glassblowing style has given him many opportunities including assisting some of Canada’s most well-known glassblowers. After only eight years of working with the material he is a self-employed glass sculptor and full time resident of the Living Arts Center in Mississauga Ontario. Continue reading Glass Artist and Sculptor–Tommy James Cudmore