What is the role of the artist?

In recent years, the concept of the creative economy has garnered more attention in provincial, federal, and international policy circles. The creative economy envisions creativity as an input into the city’s economic engine. This philosophy attests to the importance of ‘creativity’ to generate ideas that generate profits and promote economic growth. Thus, the efforts to build a creative community have increasingly had an impact on the city, the province and the country. This raises the question, what is the role of the artist in Toronto’s creative economy?

My findings have led me to conclude that in order for visual artists to capitalize on the creative economy philosophy, they need to become wittingly or unwittingly “commercial agents” with more effective business skills than ever before. In addition, those artists who handle the C.O.M.M.E.R.C.I.A.L. model well will be able to capitalize on creative economy discourses, while those still idealizing the romantic notion of the arts will not.

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