Jessica Gorlicky, a Multi-talented Canadian Artist

Life is about experiencing it all and finding out who you really are and what you want and what you love. If it feels right, keep doing it~Gorlicky

Jessica Gorlicky is a renowned Canadian artist who has found near unparalleled success in her art career. Jessica is multi-talented. Before embracing the art world, Jessica was a star gymnast and athlete, skilled piano player, and speaks Italian and Spanish. In 1999, she started her business at the age of 19 when she sold her painting for $500 and never looked back. Gorlicky have made her artistic signature style unique as a live painter. In 2010, she toured Canada with the 2010 Torch Winter Olympics participating in live painting in over 65 shows. Currently she is working with Cirque Du Soleil for the entire 77 Shows in Toronto for the new show Totem.

On Friday, June 15th, I attended Gorlicky’s opening reception for Human Nature: Sex on Canvas, a solo exhibition at the Twist Gallery on Queen St. West. The exhibit showcased works which look to exaggerate aspects of our desires, particularly our sense of culture, colours and sexuality. Her creations make any room come alive with passionate female human figures and intensely colourful images. In this exhibition, she created psychedelic and whimsical paintings that captured the audience’s imagination, which were accompanied by ongoing live performances. Unlike traditional opening exhibitions, in here, the guests were encouraged to take pictures at all times, to dance and have fun! There were artist/models, performers and musicians to entertain the crowd of aficionados. This exhibition was one of the best art exhibitions I have ever attended. The room was filled with love, sincerity, amicability, great art, outstanding performances, tons of colour and scrumptious h’ordeuvres!  It was an impressive show and I am delighted to have been a part of. I had an amazing and inspirational time!  I am sharing with you some of my quick pics below.