The Importance of Art, In Everything We Do

As humans we are all capable of creating art. In fact, we create art every day without even knowing it. Countless masterpieces are created daily and we are oblivious to them. But what is art really? Well, I like to think of art as being made up of three aspects: Creativity, Expression and Passion.

We often think of art solely as something we can touch, see, hear or feel. Like a painting, song, dance or film. But art doesn’t have to be anything physical and doesn’t even have to be measurable. You see, art is merely the bi-product of a creative expression and artistic action.

Creativity flows through us all – sometimes unknowingly – and is not just found in the painters, writers, actors or musicians of the world. Everyone on Earth is ‘a creative’ and that creativity wants to be let out. I’m sure you’ve experienced holding in a particularly strong feeling and having it eat you up inside. That feeling wants to be expressed!

When we allow ourselves to be Expressive with these feelings, we feel better – like a weight has been lifted from within us. It’s no secret that expressing ourselves feels good, and that some of the most influential and successful artists in the world are also the most emotionally expressive. The best music can be inspired from a painful or joyous past. Breathtaking theatrical performances can come as a result of turmoil or deep love. And often the most obscure and awe-inspiring paintings comes from the mind of a misunderstood painter. Art is linked, deeply, to strong emotions and created through a channel of passionate expression.

Passion is an open flood-gate of emotion, cascading through a creative path. Deep down, we are all chasing our passion and looking for an outlet to express it through.

Inventors alike, chefs or web-creators, all express themselves with passion and creativity in their field of work. Do you think the inventor of the smartphone kept all their feelings inside? No, they expressed them creatively to create maybe the most widely used and vastly influential piece of art of Earth today.

Art in everyday life.

Art is part of everyone and everything we do. It is important to embrace this, whether your art is parenting a child that always says ‘thank you’ or the way you make sure to make one person smile at your work every day. Your art doesn’t have to be something physical, visually measurable or even measurable at all. Just make sure you are expressing your true intent using your natural giving creativity and passion. Even though art is inside all of us it doesn’t belong there. It belongs out in the world, around us and we are created to create it. This is why art is not only important, but essential in everything we do.

For examples of my own personal artwork that I have created over the past ten years, check out the ‘Art Gallery’ section and make sure to follow this blog.

Sam Bernal’s ‘Trippy Art for the Crazy Heart’

Colourful, exciting, and psychedelic. That is the work of Sam Bernal. Visual artist Bernal, lives in Huntington Beach, California. He explores consciousness through his art making and music, explaining that he is a conduit for universal consciousness and, as an artist, he is destined to share this experience. When he creates, he simply allows the paintings to happen, as easily as letting go of all thought and waiting in simple alert presence. “Art is fluid,” Bernal affirms. He loves being open to the flow of creativity to create something whether sculpture, carving, ceramics, or music. He explains that his affinity for drawing and painting comes from the ability to let of go of conscious expectations and judgements about his creations. Continue reading Sam Bernal’s ‘Trippy Art for the Crazy Heart’

Reclaim Your Creativity: The ‘COLORME’ Art Spa”

Debra Lee Murrow, a visual artist from Phoenix, Arizona, spends much of her time creating art with others. Travelling from city to city, attending conventions, corporate team building events, and private parties, Debra teaches group participants how to unleash their creativity. Debra is well-known for these dynamic and interactive art workshops, called “The ‘COLORME’ Art Spa.’ These workshops offer a wide range of creative projects, such as the fabrication of paper and canvas, necklaces, and ornaments. She also facilitates the exploration of a variety of mediums including oil pastels, chalk pastels, water color pencils, among others. Through reflection and hands-on experience, Debra encourages participants to create their own art and thus, to be ‘an artist’ for the day. Working with her, there is no excuse to say no to creativity. She even provides art classes online, making them accessible via Skype! Continue reading Reclaim Your Creativity: The ‘COLORME’ Art Spa”