Cassie Wants to be a Princess

This book is not about princesses; rather it is about good deeds. At a certain stage in your child’s life, they may want to dress up as someone or something they admire. For many girls, it’s a crown, nice shoes and maybe a dress. This is very common and it is no secret that a lot of little girl want to dress up to look like princesses! The important thing is to teach your child that it’s not all about looking good, and that good deeds go a lot further in life than nice shoes and pretty dresses. Learning to care for others and being selfless are skills that we carry on with for – hopefully – the rest of our lives! Starting this positive reinforcement early will set the tone for a life of good deeds that really do pay off. It also instills a feeling of strength and that (in the case of girls) they can grow up to be strong women that can actually help others and don’t need to be taken care of. This book is perfect for all children ages 4 and up. It is also available in Spanish.

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Terrible Twos

The ‘terrible twos’ are named accurately for the feeling they often evoke in both parents and children alike. But in reality, this is merely a transitional time in which children explore their independence and bounce back and forth between self-reliance and their reliance on you, the parent. This back and forth – if not foreseen and prepared for – can be frustrating and confusing, not only for your child but for you as well. One minute they are hanging off of your leg, like a sack of potatoes, telling you they love you and the next they want nothing to do with you.

As a parent, it is hugely important to become informed on this stage in your child’s adolescent development as well as how to cope with it. This is so hugely important because emotions are at stake, on both sides, and it is one very important stage – among a lifetime of important stages – in your child’s life.

This book is written from the voice of a 2-year old and reminds parents that tantrums are just a normal stage in a child’s adolescents. So many new experiences, emotions and changes happen at that age that the ‘terrible twos’ have become widely accepted as a foregone conclusion when preparing to become a parent. So, prepare for them! Children are always looking for guidance, support and most importantly love. They need to know that it is ok to feel a certain way, but not always ok to act a certain way. This is best taught through positive reinforcement and understanding. The book is comprehensive for both parents and children and is a great way to learn together! It is also fun and has activity areas for children to colour. With the help of this book, you and your little rascal can learn that the terrible twos don’t have to be so ‘terrible’ after all!

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