Sam Bernal’s ‘Trippy Art for the Crazy Heart’

Colourful, exciting, and psychedelic. That is the work of Sam Bernal. Visual artist Bernal, lives in Huntington Beach, California. He explores consciousness through his art making and music, explaining that he is a conduit for universal consciousness and, as an artist, he is destined to share this experience. When he creates, he simply allows the paintings to happen, as easily as letting go of all thought and waiting in simple alert presence. “Art is fluid,” Bernal affirms. He loves being open to the flow of creativity to create something whether sculpture, carving, ceramics, or music. He explains that his affinity for drawing and painting comes from the ability to let of go of conscious expectations and judgements about his creations. Continue reading Sam Bernal’s ‘Trippy Art for the Crazy Heart’