Poem on the ‘Starving Artist’

I’m starving, I want to create
I’m starving, I just want to paint
Then, I write trying to create
But to write is not the same as to paint
People say there is something wrong with me
Because painting doesn’t pay the bills
Then I wonder if I am starving how do I buy paint
I look around for a job that pays
The job pays the bills and also pays for the paint
But the job has taken up the time to create
With no time to paint
There is no time to create
Then I’m still starving, starving to create

PinkishBlue Finds a Way to Help Struggling Artists

PinkishBlue is a group of friends based in Singapore who devote their time to the arts and find a way to share their passion. They democratize the works of art of emerging artists around the world. Through their travels, the group realized there are a myriad of talented artists struggling to make a living from their art and lacking the means of exhibiting their body of work. The group of friends set out to change the working lives of the artists, and with passion, entrepreneurial spirits and the use of technology, made the art of ‘struggling artists’ accessible for the public. As a result, PinkishBlue originated as an online website that sells gallery-quality original oil paintings at affordable prices. Continue reading PinkishBlue Finds a Way to Help Struggling Artists

Letter of Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo

My dear Theo,

Thanks for your letter, but I have had a very thin time of it these days, as my money ran out on Thursday, so it was a damnably long time till Monday noon. These four days I have lived mainly on 23 cups of coffee, with bread which I still have to pay for. It’s not your fault, it’s mine if it’s anyone’s. Because I was wild to see my pictures in frames, and I had ordered too many for my budget, seeing that the month’s rent and the charwoman also had to be paid. An even today is going to drain me dry, because I must also buy some canvas and prepare it myself…

I do not think I exaggerate about Gauguin’s portrait, nor about Gauguin himself… He has lived cheaply, yes, but he has got so ill by doing it that he can see no difference between a gay color and a dismal one…

Meantime forgive me too if I exceed my allowance; I shall work all the more, I promise you…

I  have been so hard up since Thursday that from Thursday to Monday I only had two meals; apart from those I had only bread and coffee and even that I had to drink on credit, and had to pay for today. So if you can, do not delay a minute.

A good handshake,

Ever yours, Vincent

(Arles, 1888) Letter 546 (October)

Vincent van Gogh, "Old Man in Sorrow," 1890.