My Visit to JessGo PoP UP Gallery!

Recently I visited Jessica Gorlicky‘s PoP UP Gallery. Gorlicky is a Canadian visual artist, known for her live paintings. She has sold more than 1,000 artworks.  showcases her own work and that of other artists. Here are ten reasons why you should visit JessGo PoP UP Gallery. The works are:

  1. Whimsical,
  2. Fun,
  3. Creative,
  4. Inspirational,
  5. Characterful,
  6. Feminine,
  7. Textural,
  8. Sexy,
  9. Energetic; and
  10. they will make you Happy!

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This slideshow exhibits a selection of Gorlicky’s work. Learn more about Jessica Gorlicky’s fabulous work here!

Intuitive Abstract Paintings by Joan Reese, New York Artist


Joan Reese is an artist based out of New York City, known to work in many different mediums and bold compositions. Her paintings are rhythmic and textured. The colors are dense, fiery and vibrant, or soft, transparent and cool. Reese continues to work with astonishing talent, passion and energy. Her creative process relies heavily on intuition and begins with creating an image that emerges from her daily experiences. Reese’s work is available on canvas or as metal prints, acrylic prints, framed prints, gallery prints, fine art greeting cards and throw pillows (signed by the artist).

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