Figaro, The Flamboyant Frog

This book is an educational yet fun story aimed at helping children uncover their hidden talents as well as encouraging them to practice speaking the ‘F’ sound. This story follows the life of a flamboyant frog named Figaro – who wore a Fedora… when he felt fancy he would eat flies… well, you get the idea – as he helps other to uncovers their hidden talents. This inspirational tale of Figaro teaches children the power of commitment in order to achieve their goals along with teaching them the truth that persistence pays off; as it did for Figaro! Figaro has many artistic talents and invites others to join his foundation to help them uncover their own hidden talents as well! It is an inspiring, fun book, with coloring pages that children can directly relate to because of their own difficulties with learning to speak. There’s no better time than right now to not only encourage your child to explore his / her own hidden talents, but learn to speak and have fun while doing it! This book is suitable for all children ages 5 and up.

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