Meet Diane Holmes—Painter of Beauty


With an established craftsmanship, British artist, Diane Holmes, paints beauty. She is inspired by the beauty that can be found throughout all levels of the natural world, from the smallest intricacies of a flower petal to the awesome vista of a mountain-framed lake, shimmering in the sun. Her acrylic paintings reflect her eye for detail in their subtleties of colour and light. Diane takes inspiration from her travels and from her own garden, where she often can be found during her leisure time. She delights in capturing the fleeting perfection of her favourite flowers. Flawlessly, she depicts the gift of beauty—nature. Her aim is simple and unpretentious: to bring a little piece of nature’s beauty into our homes, with art that gifts moments of tranquility and reflection to our busy lives. Enjoy!

Morning Dew*This is an endorsed post.

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