Rational Comics – Cartoons that Set You Thinking


Joshua Sim is the founder of RationalComics.com. When he was seven, he picked up his first copy of Asterix & Obeli—a major French comic strip hero—and was inspired by the medium ever since. Reading comics was also a way for him to gain knowledge. He explains that he was a slow reader, and having a visual language to demonstrate difficult concepts helped him learn faster. As a result, Sim is a big believer of comic strips and created RationalComics.com.

Now, Joshua and his team visualize ordinary quotes, stories and urban legends, transforming them into inspiring works of art that entertain and motivate. They believe that inspiration is everywhere, and that everyone has a story to tell and a lesson to learn, so they are eager to illustrate their stories and to share the learning experience in each tale that they sketched.

The comics are done by diverse artists, each with their own distinct styles that suit the themes of each comic. They present their best work as is evident in each strip. They also place a great deal of effort into sourcing for intriguing stories to tell, and focus on producing unique comics with many nuances. As an educational goal, Joshua and his creative team believe that readers will gain some wisdom when they read Rational Comic. In fact, they will ‘set you thinking.’

Next are some examples of Rational Comics. Each comic relates to a quote or a moral.

If you are a visual artist and would like to work with RationalComics.co, please contact joshua@rationalcomics.com. They always welcome new talent!

Enjoy the creativity that comics can offer!

Rational comics

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