Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts Festival in Toronto

cabbagetownEvery year I visit the Cabbagetown open air festival. The festival has been held for thirty-eight years on the weekend after Labour Day and has grown to attract over 20,000 people. Parliament Street is closed to traffic on Saturday for the annual parade and all-day entertainment. Sidewalk cafés and garage sales abound. The Cabbagetown Town Arts & Crafts show is held in Riverdale Park, right beside Riverdale Farm in the centre of Cabbagetown. The Riverdale Farm Fall Festival usually includes craft demonstrations, corn roasts, fiddle playing, children’s activities and a barn dance Saturday night.

The Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts sale is in the middle of a lot of activity. Each year about 170 artists and craftspeople exhibit in the juried art sales. I love to visit the festival for the visual and creative experience. As a visual artist, I aim to look for inspiration and public community festivals are a cost-effective way to satiate my thirst for the arts. Over the years, I have purchased some crafts here and there, the main purpose of my visit is to discover new things, novel creations, find inspiration and to learn from the community of artists. When I find particular works of arts that I like–which are many–I enjoy talking to the artists and learning about their backgrounds and the process of their work. They kindly explain to me how they created their work, what material they used, and how long it took them to make them. I usually pay particular attention to paintings, sculptures and jewellery. In this festival, visitors are surrounded by crafts and especially, charming jewellery. I admit that what I love the most about strolling through the festival is to admire paintings and glass sculptures. The process of glass making is what I usually reflect on, starting with the gathering of sand, handling of heat, the movement of the molten glass – shaping, blowing, colouring and the cooling intermittently, to observing the end product. If you want to see a variety of great and unique arts and crafts, this is the place for you!

This year, the Cabbagetown Festival of the Arts is taking place on Saturday September 6 and Sunday September 7, 2014. Check it out!

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