My Visit to the National Gallery of Canada

The Natinal Gallery of CanadaI recently visited this light-filled structure of glass and granite, in which visitors can view the panorama of the Canadian Parliament buildings from its cafétéria, the National Gallery of Canada. Definitely, Canadians have a national gallery to call their own, located in the capital city, Ottawa. The National Gallery of Canada is the oldest national cultural institution; it was created in 1880, and its current building opened in 1988.

I treasured my visit to the National Gallery. This monumental building composed of mammoth granite walls can be quite intimidating. As one enters the Gallery’s lengthy corridor, the works of art are not easily or organically introduced. Nevertheless, once I discovered the exhibits, I was faced with hundreds of remarkable and awe-inspiring art works. The Gallery is home to more than 40,000 works of art (by over 6,000 artists), and owns the most comprehensive collection of Canadian art, including a large number by the Group of Seven, and strong collections of Indigenous, and International works. Overall, during my promenade, I was able to experience beauty, glory, brilliance and wonder. It was a sublime experience!

Outside the Gallery one cannot overlook Maman—a 30 feet tall bronze sculpture of a spider, complete with white marble eggs under its belly, sculpted by Louise Bourgeois.

For the most part, the Gallery allows visitors to freely take photos of the collections. Below are a few of them. I would love to hear your thoughts!


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