Esteban Jesus Bordallo, Miami based Poet & Painter

Esteban Jesus Bordallo-photo

Esteban Jesus Bordallo is an accomplished poet. His selection of poetry evokes romantic philosophy and reflective ideas about everyday life and dreams. In his poems, Bordallo’s dialogue is pensive with vivid descriptions of the world through a different lens of romance, life, fantasy, and frustrations. He is an optimistic, spontaneous in nature, and a generous writer in every sense. The expansive, celebratory texture of his verse is instantly identifiable and simple to relate to. He wrote exclusively for Art Talk:

When I was a kid I would gaze into the sky at the space between the clouds and wait to see if an Angel will fly across. Now I stare beyond the stars and into Galactic pools binding my visions into dreamy knots. Writing with the perspective of an architect I paint with the vocabulary of a poet, capturing my visions in a’ fish eye lens I HD my A.D.D. sailing through my thoughts like a feather caught in the wind. I still gaze in-between the clouds with hope to see an Angel cross in the blue sky, swimming through purpose with a passion, sitting, dreaming with the posture of a porch light prophet. I hear my wishes echo, “yeah…maybe one day.

The effect of this kind of writing is painterly; his descriptions are so evocative that generate immediate images for the readers; not surprising, since the poet trained as a visual artist. Bordallo’s paintings depicts still life objects as if they were suspended on canvas. His art work is allegorical and diverse; the artist paints a breadth of subjects, from traditional objects (i.e. utensils) to nature.

Without a doubt, the talent and creativity of this emergent artist are reflective in his works. Bordallo has developed beautifully in the field of the arts. He has published two poetry books: “The Wine, The Moon and one last Kiss,” and “An Autobiography of an Afternoon,” and has developed a series of art work. They are memorable!

Esteban Jesus Bordallo was born in La Isla Del Encanto, Puerto Rico. Currently, he resides in Miami, Florida.

2 thoughts on “Esteban Jesus Bordallo, Miami based Poet & Painter

  1. Love your book “The wine,the moon and one last kiss” outstanding you are very talented and creative,l really admire your good work, Love You, Tia

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