Arrington Magny: Art adds Beauty to our Daily Lives

Arrington MagnyContemporary artists are many, but few are the ones who capture a visual impact on the viewers. Fine artist Arrington Magny is one of them. Arrington grew up in Mississippi and New Orleans. The success of her work has taken her to places such as Paris, and Miami—where she resides.

Arrington’ minimalistic style and artistry illuminates both her personal curiosity and a commitment to following notions of simplicity; along with the hints of discovery and suggestion, conjuring a subtle atmosphere of self-elevated design. Arrington emphasizes that less is more, embracing the linear, abstract and geometric, to locate order and beauty. Looking closely at her work, beneath her strokes, there are figures and stories that mystically unfold into narratives. As Arrington’s utters, “I prefer my work to whisper a secret into your ear.” Her mediums are diverse and her technique is unique. She uses a range of mediums and materials, such as: oil, acrylic, watercolor, inks, plaster, tar, mud, sand on canvas, wood and paper. Her works are layered with painting mediums that develop into thought-provoking textures. Usually, the tone is subtle, with the occasional burst of color. The viewer is only able to view the shapes, never the individuals beneath the canvas; they are trapped in time.

What is extraordinary about Arrington’s work is the insinuating flow of the paint and colour palette, juxtaposed with the degree of energy and beauty it expresses to the viewer. Arrington asserts, “Art adds beauty to our daily lives.” Undeniably, her works are serenely and splendidly executed, and her artwork epitomizes beauty to its simplest form.

Arrington Magny1

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