Jessica Holden and her Love for Nature and Animals


Jessica Holden is an art graduate from Sheffield Hallam University in South Yorkshire, England. Her more recent work entitled Hush the Hound is a collection of original drawings and art work that reflects on nature. Holden’s work is inspired by her love and appreciation for nature and animals, and the places she travels.Holden’s art work is carefully crafted. The artist uses high quality giclée, which has come to mean inkjet print. In fact, giclée is often used by artists, galleries, and print shops to denote high quality printing. Holden also uses marker pens and fine-liners for her drawings. Holden devotion for creating art and drawings that depict nature and animals is unwavering. Her animal figures are jovial and attentive, and become the gazers. Elements of movement, speed, pray and predator are subtly manifested. The colour orange is dominant in most of her work. It is said that the colour orange represents warmth, optimism, rejuvenation. The colour orange relates to adventure and risk-taking, inspiring physical confidence, enthusiasm and energy. All of these characteristics are capture in Holden’s work.

Learn more about Jessica Holden’s work online: blog, Facebook and Etsy.

holden1 holden3

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