Musician Dennis Young Moved to Paint

Dennis Young is best known as the marimba-percussionist for the legendary NYC 80’s band Liquid Liquid. This band had a major impact on hip-hop and dance music, best known for their song “Cavern” which was sampled for the Grandmaster Flash mega-hit “White Lines.” Young is a self-taught musician who started playing drums at an early age, his passion for music leading to an exploration of other instruments including marimba, percussion, keyboards, guitar, and vocals. He composes his own music that combines influences from rock, jazz, dance, folk, and world music. Since his days with Liquid Liquid, Young has released a number of solo albums, and has added his signature percussion to a number of recordings with other artists.

Over the past several years, Young has been moved to paint, creating a strong relationship between his music and his visual art practice. Relying heavily on spontaneity, rhythm, and texture, his work draws inspiration from a wide range of painters – from Picasso and Van Gogh to Pollock and Jasper Johns.  Images of tribal masks and abstract patterns collide in his body of work, seeming to connect to an ancient past of native tribes and cultures that exist in the artist’s imagination.

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