Kickstarter: 50 State Flowers Project


Arlissa Vaughn has launched a Kickstarter campaign to generate support for her year-long effort to paint all of America’s state flowers, despite a degenerative visual impairment due to a blinding genetic disease and allergies to the same flowers she is painting. An internationally-recognized acrylic painter, Vaughn is known for her calming atmospheric effects and curious use of texture. She holds a BFA from East Carolina University’s School of Art & Design and has had a professional artists practice since 2005.

Vaughn’ Kickstarter campaign began on November 1, 2013, giving art enthusiasts an exclusive, limited time opportunity to become a patron and pre-purchase a state flower painting, sketch, or limited edition print. While still on the hunt for the remaining 6 species, most of which don’t grow in the Southeast. Vaughn has already found 44 state flowers.

She shares her enthusiasm with this project: “I’m learning why and how each flower was chosen for its particular state, the folklore associated with it, and the unique botanical nature of each flower – such as its bloom time and biological structure. What surprised me the most is how many states share the same flower as their symbol. New Jersey, Illinois, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin all claim the violet as their flower, for instance, with some specifying a certain type of violet.”

Vaughn’s work has been exhibited across the USA and as far away as Taiwan, and can be found in both corporate and private collections.

Become a Patron! Kickstarter


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