‘The Disasters – The Time of the Renaissance’ Arts Exhibition

I wanted to dedicate this post to “The Disasters – The Time of the Renaissance,” an art exhibition that is taking place at the National University Library of Turin, Italy (November 6 – November 26, 2013).  More and more artists are entrusted with the daunting task of interpreting the ills of the world to convey a social experience that speaks of discomfort, intolerance and suffering. This art exhibition through art communicates catastrophic events that have marked our time. In this context, contemporary art has become an important vehicle to present and interpret the tragic realities that surround us. Here, the arts are enriched by its educational value and dissemination, and art is no longer regarded as an end, but as a means to service society itself.

The 24 artists in this exhibition—all of those belonging to the collective, and external guests—have been able to interpret the spirit of the show with originality and critical sense. What The Disasters is proposing to do is use art to transmit a precise message of critique, but at the same time, hope so that each person can become aware of the fact that any disaster can and must be faced and overcome.

Please learn more about this important exhibition: PROMO VIDEO

THE DISASTERS – The Time of the Renaissance – art director: Sabrina Sottile Wednesday, November 6 – November 26, 2013 National University Library of Turin from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 19.00, Saturday 8.00-14.00

Click on the banner below to learn more:Learn more about Turin: Turin, Italy’s forgotten city

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