2013 Art Toronto

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On October 26th I vsinclairisited the 2013 Art Toronto–the 14th Toronto International Art Fair–being held at the Metro Convention Center (October 25-28, 2013). There was a wide range of collections from paintings, drawings, glass art, ceramics, mixed media to sculptures.

2013 Art Toronto presented works from local and international visual artists. Galleries around the world met—all in one site. This year I enjoyed the works of several Canadian and International artists, such as the historical works of the Group of Seven and Robert Indiana, and the contemporary works of artists such as Nina Jun with her glazed ceramic balloons, Patrick Huges (known for Reverspective), Clay Sinclair (Lichtenstein style, featured in this post), Tony de Wolf (Still life), Tibi Tibi Neuspiel (Fake food assemblages, i.e. the clock in the slide show), Klari Reis with her colourful experimentation, and my favourite, Patrick Amiot and his recycled sculptures. For the most part, their works were progressive and depicted messages of beauty, fun, exploration and great technique.

I would like to hear about your visit to the 2013 Art Toronto! I am sharing some of the works that grabbed my attention and imagination. I hope you enjoy!

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