Happy Halloween!

The name Halloween (originally spelled Hallowe’en) means the day before All Hallows Day (better known as All Saints Day), a Catholic holiday commemorating Christian saints and martyrs observed since the early Middle Ages on November 1. Others scholars maintain that Halloween was influenced by western European harvest festivals and fêtes of the dead with possible pagan roots.

According to old Christian beliefs, spirits and the dead can cross over into the world of the living. In pre-Christian times, many people believed that spirits from the underworld and ghosts of dead people could visit the world of the living on the night of October 31. These spirits could harm the living or take them back to the underworld. To avoid this, people started dressing up as ghosts and spirits on October 31 with the hope that this would confuse the ghosts and spirits.

Children trick-or-treat in their neighborhood, and in more recent years common activities such as mask wearing, costume parties, themed activities and even trick-or-treating have grown popular with adults as well, making Halloween an all-ages celebration!

Here I have compiled some Paintings from the Internet with their respective links to celebrate the occasion!

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