To be a Doctor or To be an Artist?

That is the dilemma that Dr. Ahmad Cheema was faced with. Dr. Cheema is an artist at heart, but at an early age his father pushed him into medical school. As a doctor with an established career, he has now decided to revisit his passion for painting, creating between 2 and 3 pieces of art each week in his free time.

His paintings are unequivocally influenced from the visual realities of the medical field, but they are also mysterious enough to leave space for the viewer to enjoy and interpret independently. Dr. Cheema states, “I see our lives and our world as a tapestry that winds towards meaning, unravels, and reweaves again into new surprising pictures.”  For Dr. Cheema, painting is a process surrounded with hints of meaning and the unknown woven together. Please see his work here:

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