Nicole B. Fekaris and her Pencils

Nicole B. Fekaris is a pencil artist and mirror writer from West Virginia in the United States. Working exclusively with pencils, he subjects are comprised of an array of landscapes, people, florals, and still life. Fekaris has been selling her art through Ebay since 2003 and on Etsy since 2007, accumulating more than 900 instances of positive feedback.

She  explains her choice to work solely with graphite pencils (also known as extreme art pencils): “I want to show, through my drawings, the awesome potential of graphite pencils. Endless levels of depth, shading and contrast can be reached with ordinary pencils, giving the creator extraordinary or even extreme results.”

Fekaris is also the creator of what I she calls the “Mirror Art Card,” a miniature piece of art that measures 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2, using ACEO sized card as the canvas. Each card features either a female or male figure accompanied by thoughtful language written as a reflection. When held up to a mirror, the text appears in its traditional and most legible format.

Fekaris creates precise and well crafted artwork, with drawings that are as impeccably done as they are lively!

Please learn more about Fekaris on Facebook and Twitter.

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