Nuit Blanche Toronto 2013

SWEETOn the evening of October 5th, 2013, thousands of people ventured out into the streets of downtown Toronto for an all-night adventure in the arts. Some of the most talked about and popular art installations included Ai Weiwei’s “Forever Bicycles,” mounted at Nathan Phillips Square, Alain Declercq’s performance piece, “Crash Cars,” Marcin Kedzior’s interactive installation “Paper Orbs,” and “My Virtual Dream,” a research installation on the brain co-produced by Baycrest Hospital and the University of Toronto.

This year’s works were exciting and, of equal importance, many of the installations and performances considered contemporary social and political issues including “A Quack Cure,” which brought to life a troupe of otherwise extinct creatures for a night of expression aboard a float to raise awareness of the human-caused extinctions of small creatures.

After scouring the city for more than 5 hours, I saw dozens of works throughout Toronto’s core (though I was unable visit all of the exhibitions that Nuit Blanche had to offer).

Art Talk is listing the top ten destinations of the night, ranking based on the works’ ability to create a visual impact and to convey a compelling narrative.

  1. (X) Static Clown Factory (Ruth Spitzer & Claire Ironside) –embodied the economy of desire
  2. Forever Bicycles (Ai Weiwei) –3,144 bicycles connected creating a labyrinth-like effect
  3. The rose is without why (Borish Achour) –Fluorescent light spanning more than 300 feet. Poetry at its best!
  4. A Quack Cure (Lisa Hirmaer) –exemplified human responsibility of live nature
  5. Howl (Robert Hengeveld) –installation of a coyote-on-rabbit chase that loops continuously along the rails of a steel roller coaster. A thought-provoking work about lure and distraction
  6. Trapping of Power (Robin Tiney) –an assortment of suspended animal traps represent the calculated intent and tremendous power of both historical and modern Government
  7. Cancer is our Story (Max Dean) –large bright and silent video installation played out by hands, hands that care
  8. Queen of the Parade (Lisa Anita Wegner) –A 20-foot depiction a parade queen to challenge viewers on the topic of femininity
  9. Tanks (Cal Lane) –this sculpture used recycled steel oil tanks and I-beams as emblems of a lost industrial age
  10. Music Box ( John Dickson)–an absurd mechanical contraption that created frenetic musical noise.

Also, I’ve shared some more of my favourite Nuit Blanche discoveries below. Enjoy!

Would love to hear your thoughts about this event and this post!

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