Brilliant Lights by Aevum

Aevum is a Canadian based design company specializing in glass artwork using light. Their product is unique in that it combines artisanal design with the freedom to mix and match glass placements and colours. Using light sensitive glass, the artists have been able to create a product that looks brilliant during the day, as well as at night.

In addition to the light sensitive nature, all glass is fixed to canvas using rare-earth magnets that allow the owner to remove and re-position the glass without damaging it. In having the freedom to rearrange the glass, the owner has the ability to combine various colours, best capturing the light from the high intensity LEDs and forming the desired beams to create kaleidoscopic glows. These light works are impressive pieces and I hope you love them as much as I do; if you do, please support these Canadian artists, Brad L. and Dean P., with their Kickstarter Campaign! Please see LIGHT by Aevum!

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