Cayetano González and his Photography

Cayetano González is an accomplished cinematographer, editor and photographer. He studied at the Fine Arts University of Valencia in Spain, where he specialized in cinematography. It was during his studies that he was first introduced to the world of contemporary art, an experience that has had a tremendous influence on his current work. González’s work ranges from abstract to mirrored images of mechanical objects. One of his most recent series, a collection of photographs titled Shadows of Reality, is created using luminograms, images developed through the strategic use of photosensitivity.

In each image, González selects a point of view to make a precise use of illumination and shadows, developing an image that the artist wants rendered visible. It is up to us, the gazer, to interpret and translate the images. In other words, the artist allows us to deconstruct the image and open probe questions.

González continues to create ingenious images that reinforce what he calls, “the necessity of observation to comprehend the reality of the world in which we live.”

Read more about his artistic work here!

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