Sam Bernal’s ‘Trippy Art for the Crazy Heart’

Colourful, exciting, and psychedelic. That is the work of Sam Bernal. Visual artist Bernal, lives in Huntington Beach, California. He explores consciousness through his art making and music, explaining that he is a conduit for universal consciousness and, as an artist, he is destined to share this experience. When he creates, he simply allows the paintings to happen, as easily as letting go of all thought and waiting in simple alert presence. “Art is fluid,” Bernal affirms. He loves being open to the flow of creativity to create something whether sculpture, carving, ceramics, or music. He explains that his affinity for drawing and painting comes from the ability to let of go of conscious expectations and judgements about his creations.

Using the medium of paint pens and acrylics on canvas panels, Bernal creates a unique style of art with a fusion of representational scenes, abstract doodling, and depth of color. The vibrant nature of his art transmits an energy that is unmistakable. His own abiding love of waves, sand, and sunsets provides the motif that ties many of his works together. His signature bold colours contrasted with black outlines create a world within a work effect, and the intricate patterns dazzle the eye from up close, while the vibrant colors and shapes meld into a harmonious whole.

His collection Trippy Art for the Crazy Heart is described as being reminiscent of psychedelic surf poster art from of the 60’s and 70’s. The trippy aspect of the artist’s style can be attributed to the artist’s creative process. Bernal believes we all have a little “crazy” in our heart and an innate ability to push our creative limitations. He explains,

Most people who engage in these activities [the arts] are considered a little crazy to risk life and limb in dangerous situations just for a rush. I think that everyone has had an experience where they felt the exhilaration of pushing their own limit.

Thus, the vibrant colours and trippy patterns transmit high energy and happy feelings to the viewer much like the rush of pushing our own limits. A little startling at first, but an extremely enjoyable experience in the end.

Bernal is quite inspirational; he reminds us that “Failure is part of the process and the more failures you rack up the closer you are to succeeding.” Without failure there can’t be success. In fact, Bernal’s mantra is: DREAM, FAIL, SUCCEED, REPEAT.

I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do!

Learn more:  Surf Art Mural by Artist Sam Bernal [Video] 

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