Reclaim Your Creativity: The ‘COLORME’ Art Spa”

Debra Lee Murrow, a visual artist from Phoenix, Arizona, spends much of her time creating art with others. Travelling from city to city, attending conventions, corporate team building events, and private parties, Debra teaches group participants how to unleash their creativity. Debra is well-known for these dynamic and interactive art workshops, called “The ‘COLORME’ Art Spa.’ These workshops offer a wide range of creative projects, such as the fabrication of paper and canvas, necklaces, and ornaments. She also facilitates the exploration of a variety of mediums including oil pastels, chalk pastels, water color pencils, among others. Through reflection and hands-on experience, Debra encourages participants to create their own art and thus, to be ‘an artist’ for the day. Working with her, there is no excuse to say no to creativity. She even provides art classes online, making them accessible via Skype!

In her fine art practice, Debra specializes in pen & ink drawings. In creating her work, she begins working within her current style of art, gathering a collection of words and phrases that create the context of a larger art piece. Her work has been displayed and sold all over North America at art fairs, silent auctions and artist workshops.

Debra is a firm believer that everyone can create and unleash their full potential through art making. As she asserts:  “Everyone can draw… given the right instruction and desire. And everyone should learn how to draw… not to necessarily to become a professional artist – but to simply be utilizing your whole brain.”

For you next party, you may consider Debra’s COLORME custom coloring pillowcase!

One thought on “Reclaim Your Creativity: The ‘COLORME’ Art Spa”

  1. Debra is an inspirational artist and a gifted coach with groups of every age and skill level. After one of her workshops everyone feels lighter and sees the world in more vibrant colors.

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