New York Artist, Joan Reese

Joan Reese is an artist based out of New York City, known to work in many different mediums including a number of contemporary works in watercolor and Chinese ink. Reese paints original porcelain tiles with beautiful glazes and, my favourite of her work, one of a kind silk scarves divinely painted with a fusion of bright colours. Her creative process relies heavily on spontaneity and begins with creating an image on rice paper using Chinese ink and paint. Once she decides on a particular drafted design, she then paints it onto silk using a variety of different techniques, using non-toxic French dyes and a wide range of different materials like wax, salt, alcohol, and fabric metallic paints for accents.

Reese explains how her love for scarves began, “I have always loved giving and receiving silk scarves as gifts. Scarves have always defined my personal style. Now, I have the pleasure of painting my own scarves.” She has been influenced by Asian, floral, abstract and geometric motifs, incorporating these design into her silk paintings. Fusing colours with a keen eye for creating striking and exquisite designs. Nothing is mass produced; every work is unique and personal. They all come, as she puts it, “from my own heart and two hands.”

Check it out! Joan Reese’s video on “How to tell a real silk scarf from a fake

To learn more about Reese’s work, please visit:  Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest

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