Innovative: ARTregards e-cards!

The simple courtesies of sending cards and notes to the people that we appreciate are being practiced less and less, but with e-cards from ARTregards you can maintain this value by sending a real electronic piece of art. By using ARTregards you can surprise friends, family, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances with beautiful e-cards displaying contemporary art.

ARTregards allows contemporary artists to share their art worldwide and give the opportunity to art aficionados to own and share a work of art with ease. ARTregards believes that all artwork must be valued, recognizing the ideas and innovations of the artists behind their art card collections.

A team of online curators assure that anyone has access to a wide variety of contemporary art across a range of styles and subject matter. ARTregards that have begun to democratize the availability of creative work. With an easy to use the webspace, ARTregards allows viewers to search for art based on technique, subject matter, emotion, events, market sectors, and keyword tags. Connecting is key. ARTregards allows you to follow a favourite artist and to kept up to date about the new art collection. Coming soon, customers will be able to sign up to receive news and information alerts about museum and gallery exhibits, public performances, and events.

As for the artist, she or he remains in control of her or his submitted works at all times, retaining all reproduction rights. With each card sold, the individual artist earns a commission for their digital work. ARTregards actively safeguards and protects art works (or images thereof) from unauthorized reproduction. To learn more, please visit

I encourage you to send an inspiring and high quality e-card with contemporary art. One shall maintain a creative communication!

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