Award Winner Book Cover Designer: Alexander von Ness

What do you look for in a book cover designer? One often seeks evidence of success, vision, experience, great taste, and a diverse portfolio. Alexander von Ness has it all. A creative designer and award winning graphic designer, von Ness specializes in book cover designs with over 15 years of professional experience in print and graphic design.Thanks to his strong graphic design principles, von Ness has won multiple awards and has been a finalist on multiple international graphic design contests in the category of ‘book cover design.’ His clients are primarily located in U.S., Canada, and Australia, though the nature of his work allows him to  work remotely with clients all over the world.

If you are looking for a professional and incredibly creative graphic designer and book cover expert, von Ness is the artist to hire! Check out his amazing work here:

2 thoughts on “Award Winner Book Cover Designer: Alexander von Ness

  1. Sometimes it is really hard to satisfy the needs of the client and to stay creative at the same time. I always try to connect those two factors, but sometimes that is just impossible. A lot of great designers are out there and it is very difficult to stand out of the crowd, but if you are doing something you love, like I love designing, it has to make an impact. I believe that the key to every successfully made job is love, creativity and patience. If you combine those 3 factors, you just can’t fail.

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