Andy Andy Andy–The Artist

"Green Armstrong" by Andy Andy Andy

Andy Detskas, (known as Andy Andy Andy),was born in Marlton, New Jersey in 1975 and grew up a wanderer, living in the Midwest, deep South and East coast. Like many artists, Andy began exploring drawing, painting, sculpture and photography at a young age. He attended Siena Heights University where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, followed by Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2000 where he obtained Masters of Fine Arts. Since then, Andy has exhibited his work around the United States, participating in group shows with the likes of Mariko Mori and Keith Haring.

Andy’s work is currently being exhibited throughout Chicago. One of his most recent pieces involves the imagery of Barack Obama’s head grafted onto the body of a fur-clad Liberace. Andy’s diverse artistic practice rambles through graphic design, illustration, glitch art, hand-drawn typography and screen-printing. These areas are brought into focus by a lifelong interest in fusing the human with the technological, an interest that stemmed from a childhood obsession with the mid-century NASA space program.

In recent years, Andy has worked with discarded motel landscape paintings and utilized them as backdrops for hand-draw

n type and peculiar figures, including robots and ghosts, among others. Never wants to linger in a single style for very long, Andy’s recent work involves databent and illustrated interpretations of astronauts and rockstars called All Stars.

To learn more about Andy’s work, please visit:


"Roger Chaffee" by Andy Andy Andy

"Fabulous Obama" by Andy Andy Andy

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