Artist ‘Tor Rafael Raael’ and his Creatures

Two creatures from separate worlds.
Two languages, two bodies.
When I see it, it’s an absurd dialogue
but the fruits are sweat and new.
No one knows. ~Raael

Innovative Norwegian artist, Tor Rafael Raael (pronounced RAW-ELLE) combines traditional oil painting with digital techniques. For years he has immersed himself in studying anatomy and painting techniques. In his work, he is always searching for balance and context, and his creative process begins by sketching his work with a ballpoint pen and then transfers them to a canvas with charcoal. As for his medium, he prefers to work with oils, but he also works with ink, watercolor, acrylic, pastel and metallic paint.

His body of work is filled with intriguing creatures, silent houses and enchanting landscapes to appease his characters. His illustrations deliver adventure, maturity and mystery—characteristics that trigger questions and prompt reflection when observing them. Pertinently, Tor Rafael Raael elucidates his work with text, as he writes a note for each work to supplement his visual narrative. Raael explores new ways of seeing the world, and thus, with fervent artistic and intellectual activity, unfolds each of his illustrations into a ‘story within a story,’ at times, a poetic story. Enthralling!

You can learn more about Tor Rafael Raael in his brief video: “The Moment of Freedom,” and also, have a look at his new eBook titled “When I Was Little I Built Tree Huts.”

Enjoy! Or better yet, Nyte!

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