K. Rishay Moehr at First Glance

K. Rishay Moehr working from her studio in Arizona, loves to create abstracts and abstract landscapes. Originally from Michigan, she spent many happy hours roaming through the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) and marvelling at masterpieces while developing a true love for art. She lived in Detroit, Portland and now resides in Tucson. She is fond of Tucson; its sunshine, palm trees, cacti and sunsets. Nevertheless, she misses the fresh salmon from the North West and Buddy’s pizza from Michigan, and occasionally she has them shipped out frozen!

Moehr has been working as a visual artist for about 7 years. She has a background in marketing and as an author. She has published various books and publications for businesses. But, why painting? She tells her love for the arts begun from her parents, since they are artists as well. Moehr enjoys creating pieces that touches her heart and makes her smile. Her artistic goal is to create works that people feel they just must have! In that sense, her work is collected internationally.

Her life philosophy is “Life is up, it’s down, it’s a struggle, it’s a laugh. And through it all I try to live by my favourite motto: To Thine Own Self Be True.”

As an abstract artist, she wishes to convey feelings personalized for each viewer, hoping to create a pleasant moment at the first glance.

Here is her blog:  Art Love

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