Visual Arts at The 2012 Art Toronto

On October 27th I attended the 2012 Art Toronto (October 26-29, 2012) being held at the Metro Convention Center. Galleries filled up the space with some amazing and thought-provoking selection of art works. There was a wide range of collections from paintings, graffiti art, to sculptures.

2012 Art Toronto presents works of local and international visual artists. It is a terrific event to meet galleries around the globe—all in one day—showcasing their chosen work. The works of famous artists were also accessible to be taken home for a price, to mention a few; I witnessed the works of Picasso—some of his drawings; Andy Warhol—some of his silkscreen ink on canvas; Damien Hirst—numbered prints from his latest work, spot paintings; Takashi Murakami— flower paintings; and The Group of Seven—an assortment of their works. Many contemporary local artists made it to the list as well, such us Kent Monkman, Sheila Kernan, Don Proch, among many others.

For the most part, the selection of paintings and sculptures were inviting and enchanting. The messages of beauty, technique, exploration, and life were present; as well as, human limitations and weaknesses. What grabbed my attention the most was the work of Ye Hongxing—a Chinese artist who uses colourful stickers and beads as a medium to depict fictional landscapes, nature, or the modern world. I also appreciated the work of Frank Hyder, from Philadelphia. While chatting with him I learned about his layering technique and why he paints fish. He has great stories to tell! Just remarkable.

The overall experience at the 2012 Art Toronto was whimsical and inspirational; it was food for thought and the soul! A treasure-trove!

Learn more here: 2012 Art Toronto

I hope you enjoy my sneak peeks in the slideshow below, and would love to hear your thoughts on this event.

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