Draw Your Attention to Jennifer Walton

On October 12th, 2012 I had the pleasure of attending the opening reception for artist, Jennifer Walton at the Abbozzo Gallery in Oakville. Jennifer is a talented and remarkable painter. Her skills as a painter say it all. Jennifer was born in England, but came to Canada at the age two. She has lived in Kingston, Montréal, California (U.S.), and currently resides and works in Toronto, Canada.

Jennifer is an accomplished painter and has won several awards. Through her oil paintings, drawing from Canadian landmarks, she depicts her affair with the changing global climate and the fragility of place. During my conversation with her I asked: As a professional full-time artist, when was your ‘Big Break’ in your career? She responded: “obtaining the first place winner of the 1999 RBC Investment Canadian Painting Competition, advanced me in my artistic career.” We chitchatted about colours and her process for painting. She loves painting with oils and cobalt blue is one of her favourite colours, which is used in many of her works. When painting water and lakes, she uses a combination of greens as well. In an aim to capture the beauty of the country and her quest for inspiration, she travels extensively within Canada and brings her family along as they partake as models in her works. Every painting she makes is a spur-of-the-moment representation of a Canadian landmark underscoring the climate, the place, and family togetherness.

Jennifer’s work is currently been exhibited at the Abbozzo Gallery (October 12-27, 2012), just love it!

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