PinkishBlue Finds a Way to Help Struggling Artists

PinkishBlue is a group of friends based in Singapore who devote their time to the arts and find a way to share their passion. They democratize the works of art of emerging artists around the world. Through their travels, the group realized there are a myriad of talented artists struggling to make a living from their art and lacking the means of exhibiting their body of work. The group of friends set out to change the working lives of the artists, and with passion, entrepreneurial spirits and the use of technology, made the art of ‘struggling artists’ accessible for the public. As a result, PinkishBlue originated as an online website that sells gallery-quality original oil paintings at affordable prices.

The group is selective when it comes to art selection. Their mandate is all about quality and originality. They understand the skills of the artists and their brush techniques. Their secret to purchase these unique pieces lies in the recognitions to identify each stroke of the brush, and they see the artist’s skills and emotions transferred through his/her brush onto the canvas. They currently represent 23 artists in 3 Asian countries with big plans to help more emerging artists around the world.

One of the group’s creations is a “Pimp My Room” service. This service allows the customers to send in a picture of the wall on which they would like to put the painting up and the group work their magic, allowing their clientèle to see how the paintings would look like on the wall of their choice. This facilitates and adds fun to the process and the comfort when purchasing works of art.

Their slogan is “Painting Windows for Better Tomorrows.” This reflects their belief that hanging up a painting is no different from installing a magic window on a wall. The painting then becomes a window into another world. A better tomorrow reflects how a painting will create a better atmosphere in the room it is present in, as well as the better tomorrows for those talented struggling artists.

Check it out here: PinkishBlue!

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