Review of The Rise of the Creative Class Revisited

‘Every human being is creative’ and the rise of creativity as an economic engine is the key thesis of The Rise of the Creative Class Revisited. This book departs from the original 2002 version in that the term creative class has since evolved. Florida explains that the term ‘used to mean artists and writers. Today, it means job stability’ (p. viii), and contends that for prosperity and jobs to materialize, there is a need to convert every job into a ‘creative job.’ It may sound like a straightforward thesis,
but some scholars are apprehensive about Florida’s theory of creativity and his thought-provoking creative economy ethos. In order to re-assert his thesis of creativity and in an attempt to explain the key forces that have been transforming the economy and culture over the past several decades, Florida has added five completely new chapters and revised the original 13 chapters – all of which culminate in a compendium of 481 pages filled with anecdotes, statistical data, theory, and literature

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