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This is terrific! In 2006, Bruce Everiss, a visual artist, founded—a virtual hub for social interaction for practising visual artists.

Bruce administers the site and brings together a diverse community of artists; including all genres, all media, all ages, all nationalities and all skill levels. Over 2,700 people of visual artists have joined the forum. Together they have made over 100,000 posts on every art related topic imaginable. Noteworthy, the site provides several sections where artists can post their own work (even as work-in-progress) and discuss it with other artists.

In order to participate in the forum, one must abide a code of ethics. Besides being respectful, friendly and supportive to our online community, Bruce presents below some of his forum’s ethos:

  1. The interpretation and implementation of these rules by the moderators and administrators is final and absolute. There is no appeals procedure and no discussion or debate will be entered into.
  2. This forum is a community for practising visual artists only. If you are not a practising visual artist then you are in the wrong place!
  3. New members are under probation. So until they have made 10 valid contributory posts about art they cannot post web links (urls) in their posts, in their signature or in their profile. They also cannot use the Free Ads section. It is, however, OK to post images.
  4. No libel, no slander, no personal attacks. Don’t defame anyone or anything with or without malicious intent — it could get you into a world of trouble. Treat people as you would wish to be treated yourself, or better. Ad hominem comments are not allowed. So do not say “Gordon Brown is an idiot” instead say “I disagree with Gordon Brown’s policy on XYZ”. Be nice to each other.
  5. This is a friendly, family safe community. So no bad language and no bypassing the profanity filter. No adult topics. No obscene imagery. Always bear in mind that what you post can and will be seen by children.
  6. Never denigrate another person’s art. We cater for all ages, all skill levels, all nationalities, all genres, all subjects and all mediums. So be very tolerant of other people’s art. If they say it is art then it is art.
  7. No spamming, no trolling, no cliques. You know when you are doing this, so just don’t. We rapidly terminate the membership of those who come here solely to disrupt.
  8. Don’t blatantly advertise anything in the forums. We want to keep the forum content informative and useful, and that means minimising the spam. Adverts are deleted. The exceptions are the Free Ads section and your forum signature (after your 10 post probation) which together give you powerful advertising opportunities. We are very familiar with the action of Shills who make posts that pretend to be valid contributions but which really seek to advertise. These will be edited to remove the offending content. And could very well lead to a ban. However, feel free to recommend goods and services which you have used but have no commercial interest in and found to be either satisfactory or outstanding where others might benefit from using.
  9. The language of the forum is English and only English. A community works by inclusiveness and that means that everybody must be able to understand the topics.
  10. Don’t make the same post multiple times. This is spamming. Unless the forum administrator does it!
  11. No nude photography. This is harsh but it is impossible to know where to draw the line with what is and isn’t acceptable. So, being family friendly, this is an absolute rule.
  12. Do not push religious or political views excessively. This really is not the place.

If you are a visual artist, must check it out!

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