A New Hub for Creativity: Delray Beach

Delray Beach is thriving creatively and it is committed to celebrate arts and culture. The city is located in Palm Beach County, Florida. As of the 2004 U.S. Census Bureau, Delray had a total population of 64,150. During my recent trip, I witnessed the commitment and enthusiasm towards the arts from both gallerists and locals alike. They all embrace the arts and culture in order to support their creativity. Delray Beach’s cultural scene is blooming, and community residents are optimistic that the arts have contributed to the betterment and the beautification of the city.

Delray Beach’s art scene is truly spectacular! Galleries have a stunning selection of media productions from which to choose, ranging from oil/acrylic/mixed media paintings and original sculpture, to vintage poster art and dramatic art works. Audiences enjoy art activities year-round at several venues. Stage shows, musical performances, dance presentations, comedy routines and more are presented indoors and outside. The popular Arts Garage, currently referred to as the “Warehouse,” is a multi-disciplinary cultural hub for visual artists, musicians, performers, film presenters and arts educators. Equally popular are the museums, focusing on the city’s natural outdoor beauty. Downtown Delray has had a building boom from roughly 2003 to 2008. In 2009, the Downtown Delray Beach Arts District was expanded to feature galleries and cultural organizations.

The Delray art affair is constant. Gallery walks are held every Friday night where downtown galleries, art studios, and showrooms open their doors to the public for an evening of art, music and refreshments along the District. Every year in August, Pineapple Grove Art Walk presents contemporary outdoor art in the casual setting of downtown Delray Beach. All the artworks are available for viewing 24 hours a day along the walk.

The artistic, creative, warm and friendly atmosphere makes downtown Delray Beach The Cultural Hub and such a joy to visit. During the second week of August, I was invited to attend the opening art exhibition of William DeBilzan located in the heart of Delray Arts District. William DeBilzan, a self-taught artist, has become highly desirable in film and television. His work has been featured in shows like “Frasier”, “Just Shoot Me”, and “Spin City”.  DeBilzan’s work depicts the human condition, which is wired to be social yet often alone, though not necessarily lonely. Most recently, his work has been adopted by the fashion industry and a new line of swimsuits and bags embellished with prints of his works has been launched. I met William at the opening and below are some sneak peeks of the show and his work.  It was a real pleasure to be a part of the love of the community for the arts!



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