Toronto Art Expo

Last weekend I attended the Toronto Art Expo being held at the Metro Convention Center. The exhibition took place from April 19-22, 2012. Every year I usually visit the Toronto International Art Fair at the same convention in October. As the Toronto International Art Fair has been disenchanting for me, my expectations of the Toronto Art Expo were low. But still I wanted to capture the experiences of the arts and learn more about the artists in the City.

I’m glad I attended. It’s fair to say, this exhibition was very well put together with a genuine body of art work and truly artistic creations. Unlike the International Art Fair, the Toronto Art Expo hosted more local artists. However, there was a large representation of francophone artists. The selection of paintings and sculptures were exquisite, whimsical and aesthetically charming. I very much enjoyed them. I also got to meet some Torontonian artists with an amazing craft such as Beverly Jenkins with her sculpted oils on canvas and Iman Azhari who studied at ARA (The Academy of Realist Art in Toronto). There were a few more artists I liked. To mention a few, some of my favourites were Miguel Freitas, Valérie Lachance, Bruce K. Lawes, and Richard Foster. There were a lot of more well-painted pieces that would look great on one’s wall. By and large, the work was impeccable and handsome, including the sculptures.

If you feel you want to start collecting art work at a reasonable price, the Toronto Art Expo is the place to start. As someone said the Toronto Art Expo “is a lot cooler than buying expensive reproductions of old masterworks,” and I agree.

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