My name is Charles Saatchi and I am a Salesholic

Despite the mixed reviews, I was looking forward to read My Name is Charles Saatchi and I am an Artoholic. The book is so brief that I read it in a couple subway rides. For the most part, the questions asked to Saatchi were much longer than his answers. I felt at times he could just have filled a multiple choice questionnaire rather than being interviewed and the content would have been the same. Having said that, there are some selected points that resonated with me and they are worth mentioning from Saatchi’s responses:

  • “Being a good artist is the toughest job you could pick, and you have to be little nuts to take it on. I love them all” (p. 66)
  • What’s wrong are the art schools. In Britain our art schools are, of course, under-funded. They therefore have to take on too many students from abroad with poor skills but rich parents …. Helping the schools’ budgets but leaving talented, but impecunious, students without a look-in” (p. 88)
  • Regarding the situation of painters—“In the last ten years only five of the 40 Turner Prize nominees have been painters tells you more about curators than about the state of painting today” (p. 65)
  • “Artists need a lot of collectors, all kinds of collectors, buying their art” (p. 5)

Overall, I think, this book should have been titled My name is Charles Saatchi and I am a Salesholic. You need to read the book to understand why. But I admit, I like the book, it’s entertaining. But, I am a better fan of Nigella’s cooking show!

Have you read the book?

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