Arrington Magny: Art adds Beauty to our Daily Lives

Arrington MagnyContemporary artists are many, but few are the ones who capture a visual impact on the viewers. Fine artist Arrington Magny is one of them. Arrington grew up in Mississippi and New Orleans. The success of her work has taken her to places such as Paris, and Miami—where she resides.

Arrington’ minimalistic style and artistry illuminates both her personal curiosity and a commitment to following notions of simplicity; along with the hints of discovery and suggestion, conjuring a subtle atmosphere of self-elevated design. Continue reading

Sneak Peek of Upcoming Solo Exhibition, ‘Words Worth Sharing’ (May 1-31)

Words worth sharing

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, words are powerful and thus, are worth a picture as well. This exhibition is about ‘words’ and ‘messages to ponder.’ At times, I feel like it is harder to communicate emotions. This is why, I use the canvas to transmit these sentiments. These words are aimed to be ‘reactions’ from my personal experiences, and my perception of society. I used acrylics, candies, glitter, and other craft materials, and different techniques to inscribe the messages (such as painting and piping—as piping a cake!).

I will share more of this body of work with you this May at the Leaside-Toronto Public Library. The best is yet to come. I hope you can visit!

Leaside-Toronto Public Library
165 McRae Dr., Toronto, ON
M4G 1S8

Solo Exhibition, ‘Words Worth Sharing’ (May 1 to 31, 2014)
By Marisol D’Andrea

Bluethumb – From Artists to Art Lovers

Bluethumb is Australia’s visual art marketplace where art collectors can buy art direct from new, emerging and established artists. There are over 500 artists currently displaying their work on this site.

Two brothers purchased the site in 2011 because of their love of art and an online art marketplace was a new concept in Australia. As former artists and current collectors, they realized the opportunity in the market to form an online gallery focused on selling original art directly from artists to art lovers. Edward Hartley who has a background in Finance and wine distribution, runs the business, and George Hartley who is an App developer and great design aficionado, manages the marketing. They both built an art start-up that tapped into their love of art, and gave them the independence and excitement they were seeking.

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The Lego Movie – A Point of View

After spending hundreds of dollars in Legos for my kids over the years, I felt compelled to take them to see this much anticipated movie, The Lego Movie. Initially, I felt this movie was overrated, but after watching it, I could appreciate its merit. My kids were delighted with the dynamic animated action and popular likable superheroes minifigurines. I and other adults alike were pleased to reminiscent with the superheroes that we grew up with, but this time, our most favourite characters living in the Lego world.

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